Welcome to TfR Online Resources.
This site is a supplementary resource for the Teaching for Results curriculum. 
On this site you will find electronic versions of the handouts you will need to turn in for assignments, assessments, and your end-of-year portfolio. You will also find additional resources, including electronic versions of your course data tracker, links to online tools and references, and links to additional articles and reference materials.
How to use this site:
  • The pages on this site are course specific. To begin, click on the course you are taking.
  • On the course page, you will find two columns: one containing electronic versions of the handouts in your Participant's Manual and one containing additional resources.
  • Clicking on any electronic version of the handout will give you the option to "Open" or "Save" the document. You should save the document to your own computer before you begin filling it in. Click on "Save" and choose the folder into which you want to save the document. Please note: you must save documents to your computer in order to make changes and save them.
  • You will be submitting your assignments, assessments, and portfolio through Certification Track. Please see your Seminar Leader for details on accessing CertTrack and submitting materials.
  • If you notice a broken or missing link, please send us an email. Please note: We will do our best to resolve your query within 48 hours.
  • If you can't seem to find what you are looking for, please check in with your Seminar Leader.
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